Coila Tales

Well done to Euan Terras for identifying Almaty, Kazakhstan as our most random gig destination!! Kuwait, Tokyo are in 2nd and 3rd place 🙂

Perhaps the craziest trip was to Werfen castle in Austria to play at a wedding on 28th Dec 2009. What appeared to be a routine trip from Edinburgh-Gatwick-Salzburg turned out to be anything but! Having played a gig the night before, the 4am departure to Edinburgh airport was a bad start. A blizzard put paid to the 6.30am flight to London and left us frantically trying to come up with plan B. Sadly the next flight to London was also cancelled. Having tracked down the groom to be in Austria, his advice was “do whatever you can to get here and we will pay!”

We found a flight to Munich (150 miles from Werfen) departing Edinburgh at 14.30. We booked onto that and organised to hire a car in Germany. Sadly this flight was also delayed although we did depart at 16.00. On arrival in Munich we sprinted to the car hire place, secured the car and commenced the drive to Werfen (no speed cameras thankfully!). After a long drive we arrived at the foot of the castle (scene of the move ‘Where Eagles Dare’). The last lap was the funicular railway up to the wedding venue, only 10 hours later than expected!

We played the gig, checked into our B&B at 2am (crazy landlady, very smelly room!) and left at 6am to fly back Salzburg-Stansted-Prestwick. A crazy trip!!

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