The Complete Ceilidh


Released in spring 2006 on the Rostral label, Coila’s latest album is intended for listeners and dancers alike, comprising fifteen sets of tunes that can be used for the most popular ceilidh dances.

Special Edition

This special edition version of this album contains everything you need to learn the art of ceilidh dancing:

1. A dance instruction booklet
with comprehensive explanations of all the ceilidh dances on the album.

2. The music CD
which is identical to the standard edition

3. An additional instructional CD
which features the same music, however the voice of the ‘caller’ will guide you through all the dances.


1. Gay Gordons ‡ 4/4 marches

Flett From Flotta (Donald MacLeod) Paterson’s Publications
Loch Ruan (G. MacIntyre) Paterson’s Publications
Lord Lovat’s Lament

2. Circassian Circle
 8 x 32 reels

Dick Gossips
The Doolin Reel (Alistair McCulloch) Fellsongs Publishing
Hurlock’s Reel (Tom Anderson)
The Cruel Father

3. Eva Three Step
 6/8 pipe marches

Kenneth J. MacLeod (Peter R. MacLeod) Paterson’s Publications
MacLeod of Mull (Donald MacLeod) Paterson’s Publications

4. Coila Jig
 8 x 32 jigs

Jig Runrig (Fergie MacDonald)
The Eavesdropper
Banks of Allan
Trip to Kilkenny (John McCusker) Kinmor Music

5. St Bernard’s Waltz ‡

The New Year’s Day Waltz (Gordon Gunn)
Amy’s Waltz (David MacDonald) Copyright control
The Radio Sweethearts Waltz (John McCusker) Kinmor Music

6. The Dashing White Sergeant †
 8 x 32 reels

Break Yer Bass Drone (Gordon Duncan) Grian Music
Barney’s Balmoral (E. MacDonald) Copyright control
Zeto the Bubbleman (Gordon Duncan) Grian Music
The Dashing White Eejit (Allan Henderson)

7. Canadian Barn Dance
 2/4 pipe marches

Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick (Addie Harper) James S. Kerr
John McFadyen of Melfort (John MacColl)

8. Houlihan’s Jig
 8 x 32 jigs

Jim Anderson’s Delight (Ronnie Cooper) Shetland Music
The Black Officer (Sandy Coghill)
Scarce O’ Tatties (Norman MacLean) Isa Music
Alan MacPherson of Mosspark (Angus MacDonald)

9. Pride of Erin Waltz ‡

Calum’s Waltz (Steven Spence)
Amy’s Tune (Alistair McCulloch) Fellsongs Publishing
Belle Mere’s Waltz (Phil Cunningham) Bracken Music

10. Eightsome Reel
 40 + 8 x 48 + 40 reels

The Mason’s Apron
Andy Broon’s Reel (Aly Bain) Whirlie
The Humours Of Tulla
Sleep Soond in da Mornin
The Nine Pint Cogie
Mrs Dundas of Arniston
Toss the Feathers
The Marquis of Tullibardine
The Glass of Beer

11. Military Two Step

The Amherst Two Step (Alistair McCulloch) Fellsongs Publishing

12. The Flying Scotsman
 8 x 32 reels

The Fencing Post (Ronnie Cooper) Shetland Music
Trip to Ballyshannon (Alasdair Fraser)
Morag’s Reel (Bobby MacLeod)
Frank’s Reel (John McCusker) Kinmor Music

13. Britannia Two Step
 6/8 pipe marches

Dr Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyleshire Gathering (Donald MacLeod) Paterson’s Publications
The Heights of Cassino (Dan MacRae) James S. Kerr
MacNeil of Ugadale (J. M. Mackenzie)

14. Strip the Willow
 8 x 32 jigs

Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor (John Scott)
Donald MacLean Copyright control
Turf Lodge (Angus MacDonald)
Donella Beaton

15. Scottish Waltz †‡

Cerceall a’Chuain (Calum & Rory MacDonald) Storr Music
The Mist Covered Mountains
Leaving Barra
Sine Bhan

All tunes trad. except where noted, all tracks arr. A. McCulloch,
† arranged McCulloch/Weir, ‡ 2nd fiddle parts by A. McGarva


Coila are:

Alistair McCulloch – leader, fiddle, whistles, guitar (tracks 5 & 9)

Andrew McGarva – caller, fiddle, synthesiser

William Weir – accordion

Gavin Welsh – drums

Dave Cowan – bass guitar, electric guitar


Angus Lyon – keyboards

Dave Cowan – bass guitar

Ali Hutton – border pipes, guitar (tracks 1 & 14)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Chow Productions, Clydebank

Produced by Alistair McCulloch and engineered by Derek Chalmers