Get Reel


After signing with Lismor in 1996, Coila produced this ground-breaking traditional music feast.


1. Jigs

Kenneth Macdonald’s Jig (N. Macdonald – Cop. Con.)
Para Handy Theme (Phil Cunningham – Bracken Music)
Morrison’s Jig

2. Hornpipes

Calum Beag
The Train Journey North (Tom Anderson – Tom Anderson)

3. Hoedown

Maple Sugar (Ward Allen – Glad Music)

4. Slow Air

Bennachie Sunrise (Unknown – Cop. Con.)

5. Reel

Glasgow Reel

6. Gaelic Waltzes

Farewell to Skye
My Mother
Gaelic Air
Morag of Dunvegan

7. Jig

Calliope House (Dave Richardson – Gilderoy Music)

8. Reels

The Shetland Fiddler
Conway’s Farewell (Dougie Pincock – Kinmor Music)
Iain Peterson’s Compliments to Fraser McGlynn (Ian Peterson – Shian Music)
Jenny Dany the Weaver
The Gravel Walk

9. Slow Air

Quendale Bay (Phil Cunningham – Bracken Music)

10. Pipe Hornpipe and 6/8 Marches

Crossing the Minch (Donald Macleod – Donald macleod)
Rab’s Wedding (J. Kerr – Cop. Con.)
Wade’s Welcome to Inverness (R. Meldrum – Cop. Con.)

11. Waltzes

The Skyline of Skye (Unknown – Cop. Con.)
Maguire and Paterson (Robert Overson – Cop. Con.)

12. Jigs

Stan Chapman
Kilfenora Sexy Jig
Troy’s Wedding

13. Pipe Reels

The Brolum (Dr. C. Bannatyne – Cop. Con.)
Sleepy Maggie
Duncan Johnstone (Donald Macleod – Donald Macleod)
Captain Lachlan macphail of Tiree (P. Farquar – Cop. Con.)
Music for a Found harmonium (Simon Jeffries – Editions E.G.)



David Hope – drums

Douglas Whyte – piano, keyboard

Dougie Pincock – highland pipes, flute, whistle, soprano sax, bodhran

Scott Gordon – accordion

James Taylor – percussion

Special Guests:

Andy (vortex) Mitchell – bass guitar

Laura Bailie – flute

Produced by Bob Macdowall, recorded at Cava Sound Workshops, Glasgow by Gregor Reid, assistant engineer – Geoff Allan


This is the long awaited album from this excellent young group from Ayrshire. They have experimented quite successfully with a modernistic approach in their backing and the overall result makes for a very varied and listenable performance. The individual members of the group are all good soloists and some of the slow air playing is of a very high quality as I could expect of Alistair McCulloch and Andrew McGarva on fiddles complemented by their guests, especially Dougie Pincock (pipes, flute and whistle). This is an excellent release from the group who takes its name from their native land of Ayrshire and I look forward to hearing them on their follow up.


 A little gem of a debut album from this highly talented Ayrshire band.

(Music current – Feb. 97)

An exciting sound…another very good recording keeping Scottish music very much to the fore, well played and well produced and definitely one for the collection.


Coila’s idealistic approach…yields a subtle infusion of differing influences making them unique….the closing pipe reel incorporates both the evocative and the cerebral elements of Coila’s sound in one fell swoop. ‘Get Reel’ has Celtic music for mind and body. The ‘Reel’ thing.

(John O’Reagan – Rock’n’Reel)

….No such problems with Coila’s collection of jigs, reels, airs and waltzes. Just press the play button and fell your soul receive a lift. Coila are four young musicians from Ayrshire…who are joined on this debut album by an array of ‘occasionals’, once again including Dougie Pincock.

While the playing is universally impressive, I am particularly struck by the distinctive sound on the tracks that feature drums but no bass. The resulting space allows the twin fiddlers and the accordionist room to stretch themselves – and they don’t need to be asked twice to take up the invitation. An uplifting album and a stunning debut. More please.

(Tony Harcup, Folk Roots 58)