Live at the Civic


Coila’s inaugural recording. A limited edition of this album was released in 1994 comprising of one of Coila’s annual performances at the Civic Theatre in Ayr.


1. Reels

Calum Donaldson (R. Cooper)
Boys of the Lough (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Sandy Duff (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Louis Reel (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Clumsy Lover (N. Dickie)

2. Marches

Conundrum (P.R. Macleod)
Angus Mackinnon (D.S. Ramsay)
Braemar Gathering (G.S. Maclennan)

3. Jigs

Joe Foster’s Jig (L. Ross)
Glasgow Gaelic Club (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Wee Todd (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Wee Murchie (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)

4. Medley

Leaving Glasgow (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Battle’s O’er (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Lochanside (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)

5. Waltzes

Aly’s Waltz (T. Rasmussen)
Kate Martin’s Waltz (B. Douglas)
Margaret’s Waltz (P.S. Shaw)

6. Reels

Hogtie’s Reel (P. Cunningham)
Sandy’s New Chanter (T. McAllister)
Farewell to Erin (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)

7. Pipe Jigs

Kenny Gilles of Portnalong, Skye (P. Macfarquar)
Boys of Ballymoat (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Rory Macleod (D. Macleod)

8. Medley

Calum’s Road (D. Shaw)
Iain Macphail’s Welcome to Shetland (R. Jamieson)
Macarthur Road (Trad. arr. A. McCulloch/J.D.C.)
Da New Rigged Ship (T. Anderson)

9. Cajun Fiddlin’ on the Bayou (N. Landry)

10. Canadian Reels

Bowing the Strings (N. Landry)
Ontario Swing (N. Landry)
Orange Blossom Special (E.T. Rouse)

11. Slow Air

Joey’s Tune (Comp. F. McCrae, arr. A. McGarva)

12. Reels

Itchy fingers (R. Mathieson)
Glasgow Reel (T. Lyne)
Iain Peterson’s Compliments to Fraser McGlynn (I. Peterson)
Brenda Stubbert’s Reel (J. Holland)


Coila are:

Alistair McCulloch – fiddle

Andrew McGarva – fiddle

William Weir – accordion

David Hope – drums


Douglas Whyte – piano

Dougie Pincock – pipes, flute, whistle, bodhran

Richard Heron – bass guitar

Produced & mixed by Mick Thompson & Coila, sound engineer – Mick Thompson

Recorded live at Ayr Civic Theatre by Toucan, mixed at Toucan Studios, Irvine


For all ceilidh fans, this recording is a must. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of music and instruments which had the audience clamouring for more at this live recording. It is well balanced and I think will go down particularly well.

Congratulations to ‘Coila’ for recording it live in front of a large audience. I’m sure it must have been a daunting task and I wish them every success with this, their debut recording.

Ayrshire Post, April 1994